We build your brand with a purpose…

Graphic design

We want your brand to visually stand out strong against your competitors

Branding is visually creating a design to identify a product or company in order to differentiate it from its competitors.

Careful thought needs to be given to the message you are wanting to convey to your potential customers/clients:

– Why do you exist? What is the product or service you offer to your customer?

– What differentiates you? How is your business different from the competition?

– What problems do you solve? Why are you so passionate about your product?

Once these questions are answered by you, The Creative Connection uses those ideas to form the foundation of your branding.

We are here to Visually Create your Business Brand. Share with us your hopes and dreams and watch as your vision and ideas come to life as your Business Brand is launched.

designing brand
A good brand helps you bring more customers

Here at The Creative Connection, we create your Vision of your Company, striving to design a highly effective Brand Identity.

Already have a business?

Brands today aren’t just putting a social benefit on buying your product, but branding offers more ways to connect to your brand emotionally, and to one another. We utilize branding  strategies, both print and digital to establish and grow your business. 

Any Marketing media you desire!

Some examples of our work. Graphics are used for print and digital media.

LOGO: the key first step

Developing a logo is the first step in visually marketing your company. We then then take that logo and develop media across all platforms for physical as well as digital distribution.


Your logo tells a story about your company and makes and emotional connection with your target audience. Our carefully designed logos are used for your printed and digital marketing.

Business Cards
Business Cards

Business cards are the most effective direct marketing tools. An in-person meeting sealed with a handshake along with a business card exchange, makes the meeting personal and memorable.


Shown here are examples of Every Door Direct Mailers (EDDM's). These mailers are designed to showcase your business to a specific zip code area where you service or product is offered.

Identify your brand with a custom design

Color, creativity and cohesiveness

Million color choices
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Thousand Fonts
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Identification for your clients

A well-designed logo allows people to quickly identify and recall your brand

Logos are a great tool to boost your brands identity. ​Once your logo has been developed, we then apply your Logo into developing your brand by creating visually effective marketing materials for every facet of your company. Creating appealing visuals that showcase your product both printed and online is important to reach your companies potential and success.

We want your business to visually stand out strong against your competitors.

Share with us the "feeling" that you want your company to exude

Every business has certain “feel” or “personality” to it.

Do you see your business as colorful and fun like jewlry or a sports club, or is it more of a serious business like healthcare or finance? How you envision your company to “feel” is a very important aspect we take into consideration when building your brand identity. 

Let us tell your story visually through colors & graphics.

We must understand who your potential customers are and what they might want to gain from your products or services.

Get Connected!

A logo is part of your brand identity

A Logo design is not the only visual representation of a brand. Mascots, typography, and color can also help identify your brand.

Boost Brand Loyalty

People should instantly connect with your brand when they see your logo

The American Marketing Association defines a brand as “A name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.

Businesses today have the power to connect people in amazing, ways — across multiple lines — be it gender, age, demographic or socioeconomic — ways in which no business could have ever imagined in previous decades. 

Creating a logo along with meaningful branding can connect with people’s deep roots of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. This connection helps people emotionally create a trusting relationship with your brand.